Copyworld (NZ) Ltd


Xerox 3030
Plan Copier / Printer / Plotter

Copying - Plotting - Scanning all at 600 dpi

  • House Plans
  • Boat Plans
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Aerial Photographs
  • Farm Maps
  • Marine Charts
  • Colour or B&W

Our Xerox 600 dpi plan copier / printer. This machine can make superb digital quality copies of your large drawings to the sizes you require.

Copyworld can print and deliver sets of plans for out of town clients. Send us the PDF file and printed copies will be with your client ASAP.

Plotting and Printing

Save your CAD Drawings as PDF file's, and we can print them to the size you require. A1=(841 x 594) A2=(594 x 297) A3=(297 x 420).

Bring in your files or email them and we will print them to your requirements - Colour or B&W.

We can print either B&W laser prints or full colour inkjet prints. Lamination of plans to protect them on the jobsite is now a popular choice. Two plans laminated back to back will eventually fall apart, but those plans will usually be well protected for the length of your project.